Getting a Credential in Four Steps

COOL plays a role in a three-step credentialing process, but some steps require you to reach out to the credentialing agency or exam vendor. The three basic steps are shown across the top of every page and this section provides additional information on each step. You should review this carefully to understand the entire process.

Functions taking place on this website

Step 1 - Search and Select Credentials

Step 1 - Find & Select Related Credentials

Search by Rating

Use COOL’s Find feature to see how your Coast Guard training and experience matches up with civilian credential requirements. It’s easy to use and you can search by Rating or title.

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Step 2 - Apply for a Voucher

Step 2 - Learn About Credential Requirements

Once you have selected a credential, learn about its requirements.

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Actions taken on other systems and via other means

Step 2 - Take the Exam

Step 3 - Learn About Available Resources

Most credentials have fees associated with them. Learn about resources that can help you pay them.

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Step 3 - Report your Results

Step 4 - Apply For and Take Exam

Coast Guard COOL is not a credentialing organization. You do not sign up for or take exams from Coast Guard COOL. Once you know what certification you want to take, you will contact the credentialing organization or test vendor to schedule and take the exam.

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